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Kind of a code action.

Kinds are a hierarchical list of identifiers separated by ., e.g. "refactor.extract.function".

Code action kinds are used by the editor for UI elements such as the refactoring context menu. Users can also trigger code actions with a specific kind with the editor.action.codeAction command.


  • CodeActionKind



Static Readonly Empty

Empty kind.

Static Readonly QuickFix

QuickFix: CodeActionKind

Base kind for quickfix actions: quickfix.

Quick fix actions address a problem in the code and are shown in the normal code action context menu.

Static Readonly Refactor

Refactor: CodeActionKind

Base kind for refactoring actions: refactor

Refactoring actions are shown in the refactoring context menu.

Static Readonly RefactorExtract

RefactorExtract: CodeActionKind

Base kind for refactoring extraction actions: refactor.extract

Example extract actions:

  • Extract method
  • Extract function
  • Extract variable
  • Extract interface from class
  • ...

Static Readonly RefactorInline

RefactorInline: CodeActionKind

Base kind for refactoring inline actions: refactor.inline

Example inline actions:

  • Inline function
  • Inline variable
  • Inline constant
  • ...

Static Readonly RefactorRewrite

RefactorRewrite: CodeActionKind

Base kind for refactoring rewrite actions: refactor.rewrite

Example rewrite actions:

  • Convert JavaScript function to class
  • Add or remove parameter
  • Encapsulate field
  • Make method static
  • Move method to base class
  • ...

Static Readonly Source

Base kind for source actions: source

Source code actions apply to the entire file. They must be explicitly requested and will not show in the normal lightbulb menu. Source actions can be run on save using editor.codeActionsOnSave and are also shown in the source context menu.

Static Readonly SourceOrganizeImports

SourceOrganizeImports: CodeActionKind

Base kind for an organize imports source action: source.organizeImports.

Static Readonly SourceFixAll

SourceFixAll: CodeActionKind

Base kind for auto-fix source actions: source.fixAll.

Fix all actions automatically fix errors that have a clear fix that do not require user input. They should not suppress errors or perform unsafe fixes such as generating new types or classes.

Readonly value

value: string

String value of the kind, e.g. "refactor.extract.function".


Private constructor



  • Create a new kind by appending a more specific selector to the current kind.

    Does not modify the current kind.


    • parts: string

    Returns CodeActionKind


  • Checks if this code action kind intersects other.

    The kind "refactor.extract" for example intersects refactor, "refactor.extract" and ``"refactor.extract.function", but not "unicorn.refactor.extract", or "refactor.extractAll"`.


    Returns boolean


  • Checks if other is a sub-kind of this CodeActionKind.

    The kind "refactor.extract" for example contains "refactor.extract" and ``"refactor.extract.function", but not "unicorn.refactor.extract", or "refactor.extractAll"orrefactor`.


    Returns boolean

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