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Interface CommentController

A comment controller is able to provide comments support to the editor and provide users various ways to interact with comments.


  • CommentController



Readonly id

id: string

The id of this comment controller.

Readonly label

label: string

The human-readable label of this comment controller.

Optional options

Comment controller options

Optional commentingRangeProvider

commentingRangeProvider: CommentingRangeProvider

Optional commenting range provider. Provide a list ranges which support commenting to any given resource uri.

If not provided, users can leave comments in any document opened in the editor.



  • Create a comment thread. The comment thread will be displayed in visible text editors (if the resource matches) and Comments Panel once created.


    • uri: Uri

      The uri of the document the thread has been created on.

    • range: Range

      The range the comment thread is located within the document.

    • comments: readonly Comment[]

      The ordered comments of the thread.

    Returns CommentThread

Optional reactionHandler


  • dispose(): void
  • Dispose this comment controller.

    Once disposed, all comment threads created by this comment controller will also be removed from the editor and Comments Panel.

    Returns void

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