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Interface QuickPickOptions

Options to configure the behavior of the quick pick UI.


  • QuickPickOptions



Optional title

title: string

An optional string that represents the title of the quick pick.

Optional matchOnDescription

matchOnDescription: boolean

An optional flag to include the description when filtering the picks.

Optional matchOnDetail

matchOnDetail: boolean

An optional flag to include the detail when filtering the picks.

Optional placeHolder

placeHolder: string

An optional string to show as placeholder in the input box to guide the user what to pick on.

Optional ignoreFocusOut

ignoreFocusOut: boolean

Set to true to keep the picker open when focus moves to another part of the editor or to another window. This setting is ignored on iPad and is always false.

Optional canPickMany

canPickMany: boolean

An optional flag to make the picker accept multiple selections, if true the result is an array of picks.


Optional onDidSelectItem

  • An optional function that is invoked whenever an item is selected.


    Returns any

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