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A webview based view.


  • WebviewView



Readonly viewType

viewType: string

Identifies the type of the webview view, such as 'hexEditor.dataView'.

Readonly webview

webview: Webview

The underlying webview for the view.

Optional title

title: string

View title displayed in the UI.

The view title is initially taken from the extension package.json contribution.

Optional description

description: string

Human-readable string which is rendered less prominently in the title.

Readonly onDidDispose

onDidDispose: Event<void>

Event fired when the view is disposed.

Views are disposed when they are explicitly hidden by a user (this happens when a user right clicks in a view and unchecks the webview view).

Trying to use the view after it has been disposed throws an exception.

Readonly visible

visible: boolean

Tracks if the webview is currently visible.

Views are visible when they are on the screen and expanded.

Readonly onDidChangeVisibility

onDidChangeVisibility: Event<void>

Event fired when the visibility of the view changes.

Actions that trigger a visibility change:

  • The view is collapsed or expanded.
  • The user switches to a different view group in the sidebar or panel.

Note that hiding a view using the context menu instead disposes of the view and fires onDidDispose.



  • show(preserveFocus?: boolean): void
  • Reveal the view in the UI.

    If the view is collapsed, this will expand it.


    • Optional preserveFocus: boolean

      When true the view will not take focus.

    Returns void

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